The actual album!

I’m writing about my album and all the pages etc but I haven’t shown you the actual album! Well, I bought it like a week ago so I couldn’t anyways but hey, here it is! It’s a 22.9×30.5 cm (9×12″) Studio Calico 7P Aqua Faux Leather 9×12 Handbook that I ordered from the french site La Fourmie Creative to avoid ridiculously high shipping costs from US. $18.75 for a $29.99 album… holy moly! In France I got it for 34€ shipping included.


It’s big and chunky and I think I can squeeze in quite a lot of pages in there. Just too bad the pack of page protector I bought with it doesn’t suit the size at all… I don’t know what I ordered Lol


Oh, I will have so much fun filling this one with pages in A4 format, I’ve been longing to change format for months now!


The same day I ordered mine, Studio Calico decided to release some new colors and textures just to make me even more upset about not having access to US stuff afordably! Check out this beauty for exemple!

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