Viggo turned 4!

And we decided to make a cake… of course! Viggo asked weeks ago if we would make one for him since we had such a fun time doing the one for baby G back in October. So I asked what flavor he wanted and his answer was as determined as a 4-year old can be: chocolate!


So chocolate it is! And since this family is so skilled on cooking and baking *cough cough* we invented a whole new recipe: the all-ready-cake-in-a-box with whipped cream and smarties topping! Wow. But, you know now, it’s all about having fun. And that they had.

First out, break the eggs! Viggo’s first time on his own!


Take the eggs gently, we told him. And then try to put the egg in the bowl and the shell aside. That was easier said than done. Oh, how we laughed. Especially at Viggo’s face when he did the other way around. Oh LOL. 


So he got another egg and that one worked! After another explanation.




Yum, that looks tasty right? Not.


Then the sun went down in time for smarties placing (well, more went in mouth than on cake) and candle blowing!




Happy birthday my little one, I love you most of all!


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