We did absolutely nothing this first weekend of the year, so it’s gonna be kinda hardcore tomorrow morning with kids to drop off at school and then continue to work in the morning rush hour. So I scrapped a bit this afternoon to forget about all that! I’m so freaking excited for my upcoming project too, that I told you about earlier, so the creativity is on top.

First out is a spread of our DIY-candle afternoon in December, it turned out like this:


I love the fact to use plenty of photos from the same day on one spread! It’s harmonious and I think it gives a meaning to my 102 pics per minute, instead of just one or two. The memories are easier shared and in 10 years we will love looking back at all these little “histories”, I am sure!


I do more and more of my pocket fillers myself and I use much more photos than before. I like to tell the story, not just share pretty cards. So I pick pictures I pin on my Pinterest and I add fonts and stuff in Photoshop.


 I assure you though, on my “real” spreads, baby G is not blurred, I told you before why I have to do this but I hope that I won’t have to for years to come… It’s not pretty to see here but I wanna show you my spreads so I have to deal with, I hope you do too!

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