The Random Album

I’m taking up my Project Life creating! But under a new name “The Random Album” and this is going to be so fun!

My biggest “struggle” (yeah, let’s not exaggerate, my life is not at stake here Lol) with all the project life:ing has always been time. Time to take photos, to chose, to print and most of all – find the time to sit down and start the creative process.


When I DO have taken photos, picked out the right ones and then sit down to print, stuff like yesterday evening seems to happen a bit too often. That means start the print session to find out that after 3 deep cleanings, one manually under running water, the print heads are dead. On a almost new printer. Hmpfff…


And if it’s not a failing printer going on, it’s passed 9 in the evening and one shouts “Mama, I’m thirsty”, the other one falls out of bed and the third one says “Chérie, there’s a good movie on the tv”… So let’s say that the creative process is cut off a biiit too often!  


But, I still LOVE to photoshop, to print, to cut, to paste, to create and see the finished result. So I thought over the goal with my pages and thought that in 10 or 20 years from now, we won’t care what day of the week, or even month, things happend but just be happy to look at the pictures.

So I have decided to turn my project life into a Random Album with absolutely NO chronological order. No dates unless I want to, no order, no theme and everything thrown in as I like. One page or spread filled with photos from the same day? Ok. On page filled with completely mixed stuff? Ok. Wanna do some effortless memory making? Yes please.

I hope you like the idea and wanna see the result, I am going to hashtag all my pages on my instagram (viggosmama) with #therandomalbum to get it all in one place!

♥ Let’s have fun! ♥

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