My latest pins

Here are my favorites from  this week!

First out, these hand painted jars for the kitchen! Or elsewhere in the house for that sake, I think you can get this kind of jars at Ikea and such and then the tricky part is just having a gorgeous handwriting! And a ladder! As we live by the sea we have lots of woods floating up on the shore, this might be worth a try?


Some cute candles from Mr. Wonderful, a Spanish shop I found not long ago that ships to France, yaj!


And these gorgeous bracelets, ho ho ho Santa, do you hear me? From the Etsy shop Capucinne, where you send your own signature or handwriting and you get a stunning little piece on your wrist. I think it’s so pretty! 


Something for the creative part of me too, this pretty hair thingie from Etsy shop Kapelika and a Happy Things book made by Kelly Purkey!



And to finish off this weeks pins, a Project Life spread from one of my favorites – Life Love Paper and an illustration from Elise Gravel.

♥ Voilà, voilà, now I’ll head downstairs and have a ginger & lemon tea! ♥

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