Last minute decorations

Hello! Already Wednesday and in two days the Halloween celebrations will begin! But if you are like me, hopelessly unorganized but with plenty of willingness, you have not organised a single thing…


And to be honest, it’s not a common, old tradition neither in Sweden or in France to do Halloween so I’m not planning it ahead like I do for Christmas. Add to that, that we don’t have the kids this weekend so I might just say that it was not until yesterday evening that it popped into my mind that the 31th is this Saturday!

So, I thought we would have a halloween evening tonight. That said, it is 14h43 and we picked them up at 17h00. I do not know how this will end but here is the quick and fun stuff I sure hope to do tonight before bedtime!


5 easy DIY’s for Halloween:

White leaf ghosts, paint some leafs with acrylic paint and attach here and there. Booo!


Hot dog fingers, classic, is the absolut easiest thing to make:

Sans-titre-7Cut some lychees in half but leave the seed whole and add to some blackcurrant juice, creepy…

Sans-titre-8You should also have something to give to the other kids, let’s try these microwave caramels!


And last but not least, a pumpkin! Carved or not carved, decorated or not decorated, but you must have a pumpkin!


So now I have 2 more hours to panic about what to do, maybe if I get 15 min free I’ll throw this together, looks simple right?

♥ Ha ha double ha ♥

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Image sources 1 – 2 – 3 – 4

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