Postschool activities

Every day, as soon as we pick up the kids after school we try to take them for a walk. For them and for us. We’re both working behind a computer all day and it’s really nice to stretch your legs for a half an hour before heading home for dinner. Since we almost live in the countryside and by the sea we can chose between vineyards, forest and beach! #callmelucky


#makingfaces #alot #likereallyreallylot

We try to discover new paths each day and sometimes we end up in a cow field or an abandoned oyster bed… I love strawling along the sea under grey skies and hear the children yelling when they find treasures washed ashore. As much as I love walking through a silent forest and searching for strange bugs. That’s what we did last weekend by the way! I’ll show you the pics! Now back to our little afternoon walk wandering around.


♥ The Man with a M ♥


The French countryside is lovely in the autumn! Maybe less redness than up north but the air is crisp and leaves are gold. I could spend hours outside just breath in the freshness.


But this is the most lovely one. Viggo, show me how happy you are? That much? Oh my!


Secret telling between boys, that can make your face shine like this.



Mama! Look! A leaf! Let’s put in the collection of 57 other leafs at home! Love you to pieces!

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