Mini birthday

On Sunday we decided to celebrate the birthday of Baby G. This post is about that. I just want to clarify one thing first.


I gave Baby G his nickname in the very beginning when I met his dad. Just because it’s cute and cool. And now I realise that it will also go well in the blog since his mother do not want any publications (hence the face blur) or naming of her son on the www. Totally understandable but for a geek like me it feels kinda strange not being able to show his face to the magic world of blogs and instagrams etc. This might also be rooted in my role and me posting pictures of her kid which I also totally accept. Just wanted to clarify and share why there will be some blurred pics around here. My kiddo will have his face smudged all over the place tho, he might accuse me as a teen but what the heck, I’m a blogging mama!


So, back to the party! Baby Gs’ real birthday is upcoming weekend but since we don’t have the kiddos then we did it together this weekend. Cake making, Lego assembly and “autumn art class” with my scrap stuff! Well, class is a strong word and it’s more “art less” and “art mess” with a hunch of autumn but it was real fun! I’ll show you the excellent result later. We just need to know if Sothebys wants it first… Lol

Swedish cake baking in the making with simple cake bases, raspberry jam and crushed bananas. Top it with lots of whipped cream and smarties and you have the most classic b-day cake as the Swedes like it. Frenchies likes it too though, I can assure you. The Man with a M loves it and can’t wait until next birthday in the fam. Because hell not can you serve this on another day than a birthday! That’s a no-no! Next one up is 30th of December and Viggie Vig so we’ll wait another 2 months and the yum is back! Below is the face of a very happy camper that had some…


I don’t have a pic of the cake though, but let’s say that it was neither insta-friendly nor was the party decorated as a true blog mama should decorate but we had fun and it was yum! #thatswhatmemoriesaremadeof !

But I must admit that the most appreciated part was of course the Lego and “we are guys and you’re not so you just don’t get it mama” part. They love Lego and they surely love M so I got a whole hour for myself while they built and built and built. Highly concentrated as you can see.




Then it was just play and fun and all that happens when you have a 4-& 5 year old and a whole Sunday afternoon ahead of you. We went to bed at 21h17 FYI.




Little ones having really really fun with a simple shopping bag. Life is good.


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