Weekend in Rome



Hi guys! I just came back from a great weekend in Rome and I’ll give you some glimpses here in the blog! But first just a quick tip – we tagged all of our photos we posted on Instagram while in Rome, with the same and unique hashtag, to then quickly be able to gather and see them once back home! #iknowitsgoodright?

Thursday afternoon right after work we jumped into the car and headed to Marseille airport. I found a great deal at Ryanair, 59€ for 2 persons back and forth, impossible to resist! We quickly got an apartment on Wimdu and off we went! We were so lucky with the host Guilia, she even came to pick us up at the airport train with no extra charges, such a lovely lady!

Rome is a city filled with “caffes”, pasticcerias, bars and restaurants. We walked almost all the time accept to Colossuem, and wherever you go there’s a place to have a Latte Macchiato, Cappuccino or a glass of tuscane wine. You pay first to the cashier and then tell the barista what you want. Smart and smooth. We tried a bunch of pastry but the Macchiatos are really the thing that is outstanding, oh you yummy coffee!



Nom, nom, nom – our first pit stop was at Vespette e Forchette (Vespas and Forks) for a huge Capricciosa and Gorgonzola pizza, and we finished with coffee and pastry some streets away in a completely turist-free coffee. So good!



The real kliché with vespas,vespas and more vespas! That’s why vespas inside didn’t surpise us at all!

Now I’m off to bed, bonne nuit people, back to reality and work tomorrow morning!

♥ ♥ ♥

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