Around here

This sums up our weekend… Knocked out kids (and parents too) on the couch after too much play – it gets kinda wild with an almost 4 yo and a 5 yo in the house! They are really inexhaustible sometimes! But when they do stop, they usually fall asleep when they should not, in the car or like here, one hour before bedtime. Perfect timing, really. Thanks Viggo… ha!


But there were some quiet moments with stillness around the kitchen table. I used that time to throw myself on the couch and stare at the wall… and the ideas always seem to run wild when I’m supposed to relax. I turned ideas about our living room upside down in my head. How do you put up posters and paintings on a 200 years old french stone wall?

 How much can you do when you’re renting a place? Can you change the floor? Can you paint the wooden floor? And most important of it all – can you throw out awful wall hanged lamps? These and other futilities were on my mind when others cross the seas to flee wars, I know, but it’s darn frustrating to not have my “own”* house anymore so I just needed that aired.

*need an entire blog post to clarify that.



I also had the time in between playing, eating, cleaning, yelling, laughing and such, to pick a fall-ely like bouquet with the kids! It was so fun to see them participate and run around and point at flowers, more or less pretty haha But it turned out really pretty!


It’s already Tuesday night when I’m writing this and it’s time for some tea and Swedish Daim cake we got at Ikea this afternoon, we do that at lot in Sweden, having a late night “Fika” and I got the bf to love it too!


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