Back to school

My little man on his way to class “Moyenne Section”, as it’s called here in France for the 3-4 year olds. It’s such a cool feeling to see your little kid (who just turned 2 right?!) hopping along to school…


Well, it was cool the first 30 minutes, then he thought it was enough and asked me when we would return back home. “Je veux aller au travail avec toi” the little dude said. Come with me to work? Oh man, I would love to but not today. I love him so much! Look at that face! #mamaisproud #ohyeah


His new teacher “La Maitresse” :) and new classroom are just the best, the teacher because she is all into letting the kids being just kids and the classroom for being so light and airy and filled with amazing art stuff! Hello school, we like you a lot!

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