A big move and a big Welcome

I’ve decided to change and start a new blog. A new blog for a new life. It didn’t feel appropriate to continue sharing my life in my old blog. I’ve gone separate ways with my ex-companion and met a new person (or should I say two) and for the respect for each and everybody involved I’ve taken this decision. I hope you want to follow me in this new blog adventure that is my life where I live, love and laugh out loud! I will of course share my Project Life:ing with you, my biggest hobby that I do it with passion, and all the other creative bits of my life. As mentioned in the title of this blog: I’m a decor-eater, I devour the internet – Instagram, Pinterest and all the blogs I follow on Bloglovin in the search for prettiness and inspiration. I want to share what I find with you and also show bits and pieces of my life with the people I love and the most precious little 3-year old thing on earth – my Viggo!


I thought this spread for my new Project Life album suits this first blog post – the move to a new house and moving thowards a new life and now, a new blog. Scary, but absolutely sure about all this deep in my guts.

♥ Welcome! ♥

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